MOBILE Animal  Health Care


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When we arrive, our technician willl come to your door to greet you and escort you to our Mobile Animal Hospital.  We will then spend some time discussing your animal friend, learning about their lifestyle and gathering a health history.


If you have any documentation of previous medical care, including vaccinations and prior treatments, please have them handy for the Dr. Stroh to review and discuss with you.


Next, we'll move on the the physical examination.  


We will take our time and be as thorough as possible, because we want to gather as much information as we can.  This will help us develop a customized health care plan for your animal companion.  Along with the exam, we will administer any necessary vaccinations and provide any diagnostic testing that may be needed.  


We will also discuss with you a number of important topics such as parasite control, nutrition and weight management, behavior and more.  We will also gladly answer any questions you may have or discuss any concerns about your pet.