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Immunization and Wellness Care

Mobile Animal Health Care strives to prevent illness and enhance the quality of life for each of our patients. The time and effort invested in our Wellness Programs has rewards for both pet and owner. We design our programs specifically for your pet which includes parasite screening, heartworm test and prevention, dental care, vaccinations, nutritional advice, flea control and a overall health history and physical exam.




Our goal at Mobile Animal Health Care is to provide an individual heath care program for your pet. We understand that there is no one plan that fits all. There have been a lot of changes in the vaccine protocols and together, with your input and the recommendation of the doctor, a plan can be implemented.


The first guidelines from The American Animal Hospital Association were published in 2003. Those guidelines, for the first time ever, provided valuable information for the veterinary practitioner that could be used to design vaccination programs to meet the needs of the pet and most of all to protect the health of the whole family. The philosophy of the guidelines simply downplays the practice management aspect of vaccination and emphasizes the preventive medicine aspect of this highly important "medical," not "management," procedure. Unlike a "Management Tool" where every animal receives the same treatment, a "Medical Procedure" must be tailored to the needs of the individual pet.


There are many core vaccines and again, in 2006, the AAHA task force emphasizes the practice of core vaccines with the emphasis on individualized care and a higher quality of medicine. The vaccination exam is no longer just filled with injections, it now consist of educating the client on a healthcare plan that includes baseline and geriatric blood tests, nutritional advice, behavioral consultation and parasite prevention.