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Linda Stroh, DVM

Dr. Stroh went ta career day when she was in 8th grade.  She was Hooked!


Dr. Stroh was born and spent most of her youth in the West Des Moines area.  She attended Valley High School thru 1980 but transferred to _________


After highschool, she earned an associates degree in Animal Health Technology.  She worked as a veterinary technician from 1982 - 1990.  She then gained entrance into Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated her DVM in 1995. Dr. Stroh has been practicing veterinary medicine in the Des Moines are for over 20 years.


During this time dr stroh ralized there wsas a need for a mobile veterinarian.. make house calls.. home euthanasia, vaccinations, elderly, multiple pet owners or for anyone who just wanted the convenience of the doctor coming to them.


Outside of work Dr. Stroh enjoys camping with the family and watching her two children participate in sports.  her downtime is spent knitting and spinning wool.


Dr. Stroh's family enjoys the company of three dogs named; "Libby", "Roxy" and "Flo-jo", two hampsters, two bunny rabbits and a turtle that lives in the laundry room.